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TWTWTW: At the current rate of production – I should really rename this feature

Yes, yes. I have been tardy, nay a little slapdash in the updating of this blog of late, and especially of this feature. You don’t want to hear excuses, but as I’m writing this, I’m going to give them to you anyway.

It’s been a hellish busy start to the year. A couple of new projects on the go, Open University has started again and I am trying (though also currently way behind) to complete Codecademy. Ok, it’s not the best excuse you’ll ever read but at least it’s true. I never said it was interesting or amusing…

Now on to the round up of the interwebs. A case of That Was The Last Few Weeks That Was

Movie News

Excalibur - besr Arthurian legend movie everMorte d’Arthur

Sad news, the best Merlin ever,  in the best King Arthur film ever has died. R.I.P. Nicol Williamson (via Louis Trapani)

Bueller, Bueller, Bueller…

Life moves pretty fast – even for Ferris Bueller, new Superbowl ad teases a return for the ace absconder.

Now THAT’S what I call a photo album

They say you’re a man with true grit – great behind the scenes photos by Rooster himself 

Gilliam’s back

Gilliam’s new short movie The Wholly Family to rent (plus Q&A)

…and so is George

George Lucas – one last mission, then retirement


Spend, spend, spend

A nice transfer spending-related infographic

iPlayer’s gon play (Yes I listen to the Bugle)

Rather lovely infographic on iPlayer use soaring thanks to tablets, mobiles


Pedal power

Great post about cycling infrastructure – We’re not trying to change the laws of physics

City car gets a new name

MIT Media Lab’s CityCar (which is fantastic) is Renamed Hiriko and is Headed to Production

Meeja bits and bobs


I’ve been listening to RadioLab for a while and I have (honestly) yet to hear a bad episode, so take my word for it that this latest hour – The Bad episode, is anything but.

The truth behind pilot season

Funny and a little bit soul destroying at the same time…


File under never have guessed this in a million years

Paul McVeigh, pint-sized pundit and ex-Canary wrote: “I think you’ll love this blog about my trip to Rome to see Phil Mulryne!” He’s not wrong…


3D painted fish Just incredible.


Real-life Bones required

Star Trek-style ‘tricorder’ invention offered $10m prize

DIY Toys

Printing your own toys



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