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Making waves

Nice interview with Maker Faire founder Dale Dougherty on the importance of making. Six minutes long, worth a look. Advertisements

Want to get creative? Let technology be your friend

I’m giving a talk to a group of students about life in creative industries and it’s about the challenges and opportunities they will face entering the big wide world of work. Aside from worrying about whether my cultural references will be ten years out of date, I’ve been pondering how the media landscape – at … Continue reading

TWTFTW: Calendars mean nothing to me…

That was the fortnight that was Despite my good intentions, once again this feature has been about as regular as a dog with constipation. I apologise for the rather graphic simile but it’s late and I’m feeling guilty. So in a bid to pretend that I have been carrying out a punishing blogging schedule I … Continue reading

Twitter and the continuing evolution of journalism

This week two major players in the world of news decided that Twitter would no longer be a platform upon which they would allow their journalists to break stories. Sky was the first to institute new rules for using the platform – leading to the #savefieldproducer hashtag on Twitter. The Satellite giant was closely followed … Continue reading

The infographic guide to the economics of football

I love infographics. Some netizens might consider them to be hackneyed but I love the way graphical design can be used to visualise often complex messages or cause you to look at things in a new light. So as last week saw the English Premier League transfer window slam shut, I was rather taken by … Continue reading

TWTWTW: Sherlock boosts books

In shock news I have kept my promise and am posting my weekly round-up. In less shocking news, due to being away from the web for a couple of days while training in London – I know, I should be saving these fascinating insights for my autobiography– it’s a slightly truncated one. Sherlock turns new … Continue reading