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The infographic guide to the economics of football

I love infographics. Some netizens might consider them to be hackneyed but I love the way graphical design can be used to visualise often complex messages or cause you to look at things in a new light.

So as last week saw the English Premier League transfer window slam shut, I was rather taken by two football-related infographics which depict the relative spending power of Premier League clubs and the amount of cash being splashed during the transfer window.

Premier League clubs managed to spend (or squander depending on who ended up warming your bench) an average of £30.9m. It’s worth a quick look at this


Norwich City: GDP of Tuvalu

More interesting was comparing the spending power of Premier League teams with the real-life GDP of some nations. This infographic is a bit of an eye opener – with the combined value of the Premier League the equivalent of the GDP of Niger.

We tend to take design for granted, but here it is offering fresh perspectives and insight on a subject which (at least for football fans) we all thought we knew inside out anyway.



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