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TWTFTW: Calendars mean nothing to me…

That was the fortnight that was

Despite my good intentions, once again this feature has been about as regular as a dog with constipation. I apologise for the rather graphic simile but it’s late and I’m feeling guilty. So in a bid to pretend that I have been carrying out a punishing blogging schedule I will plough straight on to some interweb goodies that I found interesting since the last time I posted this feature.

Fun stuff


I took my daughter to see The Phantom Menace in 3D. I know bad Dad. The film has not got any better and perhaps we would have done just as well to look at the Return of the Jedi – retold in icons.

Best. Quotes. Ever

Perhaps another more entertaining idea would have been to read through what @MrRocketman described as the Best quotes compilation ever.

Model tenant

I’m guessing that this guy has a very understanding partner: Man digs out basement with R/C construction models

Tweet of the week

Why the Spartans would have rocked on Twitter. Philip of Macedon: “If I win this war, you will be slaves forever.” Spartan response: “If.” – Tim Harford

Eastbound and TouchDown

The Gifted Young Athlete: An open letter from Kenny Powers  to Tim Tebow


An  excellent piece on DIY science by Jon Ronson in The Guardian. Eye opening and a little bit heart-breaking too

TV news

Guardian Review “A brilliant, complex thriller, Homeland promises to be one of the hits of the year


Who wants to fund a $m project

Kickstarter completes its first million dollar funding:

That Kodak moment

Interesting conversation on @techwisepodcast on Kodak and why innovation is hard

Don’t get that in Ikea

The Man Who Prints A House

Limor Fried on OSH

Interview about open source hardware

Meeja News

Stat’ll do nicely

Some very interesting stats on just how many people are watching online video  and this makes for an interesting read too

Killer headlines

How Fortune Stole A New York Times Article And Got All The Traffic

Sky’s the limit

Interesting piece by Charles Arthur on BSkyB’s internet TV plan

Wanted new business model

‘You will never kill piracy, and piracy will never kill you’ … Good piece on why digital media needs a new business model

And talking of new business models this is a really Interesting feature one of my favourite podcasts  – worth a read

Al Murray has written brilliantly on the Twitter joke trial. If you ever want a clear example of why the law is an ass read this


Why infographic thinking is here to stay



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