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TWTWTW: Very Pinteresting Mr Bond – Things social media savvy Bond villains might now say

While SPECTRE might be unlikely to create a board of unusual ways to dispatch 007, It’s about the only thing that hasn’t been suggested for the hottest new social network on the block.

In fact you’d be forgiven for thinking that there was only one tech story in the world over the last few weeks (Google privacy excepted). Pinterest. Such is the level of interest in the start-up that the last couple of weeks (Yes, TWTWTW is still not strictly speaking a weekly fixture), that there’s been a plethora of stories about the new social network on the block.

So with that and other things, here we go.

Social Meeja news

Great round-up in Mashable of tangible things you can make from your Instagram account

And also on Mashable check out A StumbleUpon for Kickstarter

 Pinteresting, very Pinteresting

That headline will probably only mean something to fans of 1970s English football and those familiar with the work of commentator Barry Davies – but it sums up the plethora of pinboard-related stories over the last couple of weeks.

First up this interesting piece on the man behind the Pinterest application and now Gumroad. If you were unsure on how to use Pinterest , you weren’t short of advice, Shane Richmond provided a helpful explainer there was also a very nice piece by Channel 4’s Benjamin Cohen

Forbes chipped in with an interesting piece on social curation 

Observation of the week

Only 7 years left to build those Attack Ships, deploy them off the Shoulder of Orion, and equip with inadequate fireproofing. Alistair Reynolds (@Aquila Rift)

The force is strong in this one…

Want to get online video hits? Use the Force. Or at least the force of Star Wars

…and If Star Wars doesn’t work…

A nice post on the most effective SEO strategy of all time


The Next Web has a great piece on the special effects behind The Walking Dead. Caution – it is a little (lot) gory

Sci-fi music

That’s a very nice rendering Dave.  And the story behind it  (via @fastcodesign)

Quotes from a mother of invention

The best Frank Zappa quotes (via @SeanClark)

Web TV

College Humor is getting serious about long-form programming, both on TV and the web.

Geek Jedi

Analysis of tactical and computer displays in Star Wars episode IV 

Strangely life-affirming

Ajax fans singing Bob Marley before the Man Utd game


The latest and greatest on who is using 3-D printing and what they’re using it for:

And finally

The Top Ten Movie Moments Recreated in Lego


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