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The ultimate slice of geek Pi

Raspberry Pi

It may not look much, but this is awesome

Yesterday I was at the annual Cambridge Science Festival – a two-week celebration of science, technology and engineering.

One of the demonstrations that really struck a chord was at the Institute for Manufacturing by Raspberry Pi – the mini computer which is designed to help children develop (pun intended) a love of coding, programming and computer science.

To say that there’s been interest in this £25 box of tricks is a bit like asking whether a bear takes care of its toiletry needs  in heavily

forested areas.

The basic model is already flying off the shelves at the rate of 700 units per second. The second version of the device will launch in September, have a case and come complete with software which will help users teach themselves coding.

This Guardian video highlights a little of what was said at the demo.

This sounds a wee bit grand, but it seems like a turning point. To me it feels a little like the arrival of the ZX Spectrum – the computer which made programming cool. Even the 10 Print Run, 20 GOTO 10


The demo showcased the very simple UI, drag and drop tools, the very powerful graphics card and the possibilities of teaching yourself to code.

My daughter was enthralled, instantly understood the UI and, perhaps, more importantly the potential of what she could do with it.

Talking to the developers, the device will be open source, offering the prospect of a physical app market to support and enhance the experience of using the device.

They are also looking at perhaps enabling it to be used in conjunction with Microsoft’s Gadgeteer

This is going to be great. Quite simply. WANT.


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