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TWTWTW: Motivation, Moneyball and inadvertent movie pitches

This week’s round up kicks off with one of the best writers on the planet – step forward Neal Stephenson…

How I learned to stop being dystopian…

The brains behind the Baroque Cycle, Snow Crash and the Diamond Age makes a plea to fellow sci-fi writers to help shape a better future as if to reinforce his point the Smithsonian runs a feature called 10 inventions that came from science fiction.

…but then again…

The Mailonline is growing in popularity – find out how it has overtaken the NYTimes

Meeja News

The Next Web says physical rewards will change the way apps are developed

Gawker’s editorial strategy in Nieman journalism lab


Makerbot blog asks “Did you know you could turn any object into a cell phone (seriously!)?

Film and TV (and music)

Still confused by Inception – a handy guide

Billy Beane of Moneyball fame in a chat with the Guardian

Nice feature on HP Lovecraft on BBC website

This is brilliant. Wired on how a Reddit comment became a movie

And finally

This is just beautiful – NASA films Northern Lights from Space



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