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TWTWTW: Mathematically safe

As a long-suffering Norwich City fan, the last three seasons have given us a little glimpse of what it must be like to be a fan of the likes of Manchester United, Manchester City and Arsenal. Pretty much a non-stop production line of success  (in our terms anyway) of the sort we haven’t really seen … Continue reading

Discovery is the new Serendipity

This morning BBC Breakfast carried a feature about the future of newspapers. It’s a subject that, despite being out of the newspaper business for more than a decade, I’m still interested in. The peg on which the Beeb hung this mini debate was on the Rupert Murdoch’s Leveson assertion that newspapers would be dead within … Continue reading

TWTWTW: Douglas Adams was right about deadlines…

The man who wrote that the ultimate answer was 42, once said that he loved deadlines, he liked the whooshing sound they made as they flew by. Perhaps this should become the Adams Memorial feature, as it seems to be paying about the same amount of respect to (albeit my own) weekly deadline. so time … Continue reading

Building the Future

The very entertaining Tim Minshall gives an overview of the importance of engineers in this TEDxGranta talk. Using just ten words, he explains what engineers do and just why we need to challenge societal perceptions of what they do and encourage more kids to get involved. It’s 18 minutes long, but it’s 18 minutes well … Continue reading

The Joy of Text: Teletext and Ceefax say goodbye

In the summer of 2000 I joined Teletext, the television based news and information service. It was a time of expansion, and a time when 18 million people a week were viewing our content. Sadly the 1970s tech is coming to the end of the road as today analogue Ceefax follows Teletext into the interactive … Continue reading

TWTWTW: Web round-up

Running out of excuses as to why it takes me so long to get this post written, so rather than bore you with it, here’s my round-up of what’s been interesting me on the web recently. Reasons to be cheerful Nothing annoys me quite as regularly as gender stereotyping kids toys – the art of pigeon-holing children … Continue reading