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TWTWTW: Web round-up

That Was The Week That Was

More gems from the interweb

Running out of excuses as to why it takes me so long to get this post written, so rather than bore you with it, here’s my round-up of what’s been interesting me on the web recently.

Reasons to be cheerful

Nothing annoys me quite as regularly as gender stereotyping kids toys – the art of pigeon-holing children before they’ve actually had the chance to find out what they’re interests in. So Hurrah for a Swedish firm which reverses gender stereotyping in toys.

Book news

I really like Radiolab – now I’ve discovered they’ve compiled a book list of reads mentioned in their podcasts.

And on the subject of books, here’s an enjoyable review of How Soon Is Now? On indie music labels in @GuardianBooks

While for those wondering there is some advice on How To Write The Great American Novel 

Meeja News

Bleak news for those in print… as new figures highlight Publishers lost $26.7 billion in print and gained only $1.2 billion in new digital revs since 2005.

Interesting read asking if the Television Format a Logical Next Step for Web Series Creators?

And a nice post on the  Social EPG 


Good column by The Secret Footballer on football and Twitter  perhaps they just need to follow the MLB example?  my views are here


Lego Architecture Exhibit Is Made of 15,500,000 Lego Bricks



Excellent read on what comes next for pro-sportsmen and women…


Tech news

Open University gets 10M downloads on iTunes U in 6 months, crosses 50M downloads mark with Stanford

Another hurrah for Etsy for providing $50k in grants to support women in engineering.


Neil Young is an inventor? The rocker has developed a new audio format as an HD alternative to MP3

And finally

MakerBot proves even ancient Persians paid too much for chess sets


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