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TWTWTW: Douglas Adams was right about deadlines…

That Was The Week That Was

More gems from the interweb

The man who wrote that the ultimate answer was 42, once said that he loved deadlines, he liked the whooshing sound they made as they flew by. Perhaps this should become the Adams Memorial feature, as it seems to be paying about the same amount of respect to (albeit my own) weekly deadline.

so time to get on with my weekly(ish) web round-up

Geek reading

The must-read list for any geek dad and they’re offspring. I know what my daughter will be getting for her birthday  (thanks to @SeanClark)

Meeja News

Most weeks there will be a story of how some start-up is about to change the way we produce news or tell stories, well now Nick Denton – he of Gawker fame – has announced he wants to turn the online media world on its head (by reinventing commenting)

Two of my very favourite social media sites have teamed up as @Storify (you can see my latest effort here) and @GetGlue get together to provide social curation around TV

The Chicago Tribune Obits the Facts

Time for a new paradigm for mobile start-ups

Reasons to love Quora

Reasons to be cheerful

More from Neal Stephenson on the need for optimism in science fiction  related to his piece in the Smithsonian – see here.


And in related news the Doctor’s Sonic screwdriver

Fact of the week

A lady called Alice Grigg, who died in 1970, was the last surviving person with an 18th-century parent. Her father was born in 1799.

Advance notice

Is Rocket Science is Wednesday 16th May at 11pm R4.

And finally

This is a real something in my eye story… Strangers Donate $130K to Cardboard Arcade Kid’s College Fund (via @TravisLeeStreet)


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