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TWTWTW: Mathematically safe

As a long-suffering Norwich City fan, the last three seasons have given us a little glimpse of what it must be like to be a fan of the likes of Manchester United, Manchester City and Arsenal. Pretty much a non-stop production line of success  (in our terms anyway) of the sort we haven’t really seen since the early 90s.

So despite a crushingly disappointing game against Liverpool , today we find ourselves Mathematically Safe! To kick off this week’s round up – here’s a song to celebrate.

Seren-dipped into the web

Carrying on the theme of serendipity, here are a couple of things that I found via the web this week.

First up via Serafinowicz a fantastic sci-fi blog featuring the original C3P0 fitting

Then via Twitter, I found the pretty great Perhaps Contraption. Love this…

AT-AT a way to use an imperial walker

Two great ways to use an imperial walker in BoingBoing And then something for the cat

Loved this rug design too

Meeja and TV news

Interesting read about the development of apps for TV.

The future of TV isn’t TV, it’s broadband.

Rejoice as Den of Geek says Fringe gets final 13 ep season

Tech news

MIT Robot Might One Day Weave A Building

Turing event at King’s College Cambridge 15/16 June


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