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TWTWTW: You wait ages for a superhero and then six come along at once

Avengers AssembleAvengers Assemble has just broken the box office record for an opening weekend, a veritable Hulk smash hit, and it’s not hard to see why. The movie is an absolute joy, a script sparkling with wit and humour, and intelligence. It has some great performances from the cast and enough SFX to fill 30 seasons of Doctor Who.

So it seems fitting to kick of the web round-up with some Avengers themed items.

Assembly instructions  

Io9 with just why Iron Man and his friends never used the superhero catchphrase

And for a more cerebral look at the movie – take a look at the physics of the Hulk’s jumps

Answered at last! Why the Black Widow, who lacks superpowers, qualifies as an Avenger.

Sticking with Sci-fi

Steven Moffat interviewed: The Man Who Revitalized ‘Doctor Who’ And ‘Sherlock’ :

Blade Runner. “Rick Deckard: Least Heroic Sci-Fi Hero Ever”

Comic wit

Awesome.  Every Majors Terrible (to the tune of A Modern Major General)

Time passes, spend 3.55 minutes of it listening to this

An A-Z with a difference

The China Mièville alphabet

Coldplay MCA tribute

Wonderful documentary trailer

Housemartins promo

This isn’t exactly new, but it is something I watched as a kid and is still pretty wonderful – the music’s still great too.

And finally

Listened to Radiolab Crossroads on way into work – story of Blues legend Robert Johnson. Brilliant. Listen here



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