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Science and Technology of Avengers Assemble

  1. So a quick collection of articles which look at the science and tech in the year’s biggest blockbuster (so far).

    First up – a piece on context. This Nice NPR post on the self consistency of the Avenger universe.
  2. Ok, so there’s some constraint built into the universe – just how far did Whedon ‘change the laws of physics’? MSNBC offered this.
  3. Though apparently it wasn’t constrained enough for the DoD…
  4. PC Mag and Discover  took a closer look at the tech used by Iron Man and his pals
  5. rafaelcardenojr
    I like Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk. Less drama and whining, more science and smashing. #avengers
    Mon, May 07 2012 22:12:39
  6. And talking of the Hulk – take a look at this to learn more about the physics of the less than jolly green giant…
  7. Some other Physics info here
  8. CoachMagoo
    Today’s science fiction = tomorrow’s reality, and I am very jealous of the ‘toys’ future generations will have! #Avengers
    Mon, May 07 2012 15:31:56
  9. Speaking of which – download a paper which looks at the super materials of the superheroes.
  10. MOpro_Franklin
    The Avengers reminded me that there is definitely lots of potential when you mix great ideas and great action and a little mad science
    Mon, May 07 2012 19:54:09
  11. Mrs Warofka would agree
  12. TVforDessert
    I think the #whedonites found a new favorite bromance in #Avengers: Banner & Stark, the science superheroes! #whedony
    Mon, May 07 2012 22:10:28
  13. And finally – take a gander at i09’s review and science round-up


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