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TWTWTW: Stan, Tim and Nik – no, not the world’s worst boy band…

That Was The Week That Was

More gems from the interweb

Yes, I know the headline sounds like three blokes sporting white linen on a beach somewhere, but I ca promise you they’re not crooning some insipid love song to a slightly disco beat.

No this week’s round up features Nikola Tesla, Stan Lee and Tim Minchin (among others)* Yes I know Tim Minchin is a singer, but insipid is not an accusation you can really level at the tousled haired ivory tinkler is it?  So without further ado…


Why Nikola Tesla was the greatest geek who ever lived. Love the Tony Stark of the 19th Century line.


Well worth a read is this great Grantland piece on The story of Stan Lee – more complicated than most people know, and not unrelated is this from Bleeding Cool A Few Thoughts Before Before Watchmen


Desert Island discs

Tim Minchin on Desert Island Discs  pretty great. Go listen. And for those of you interested here’s a related post on DID

Leveson levity

Hurrah some kind folk have compiled a @storify on the very amusing #popleveson hashtag

Technology news

Turning  bananas into a piano & stairs into drums with the Makey Makey

Mashable’s story on Reddit Users Surprise Terminally-Ill Man With Random Acts of Kindness

TV news

Nice piece in the Guide on the webseries you need to see.

Community renewed!


Catching up on the BBC Click podcast on the way into work – heard this fascinating item on p2p education – worth a listen and a related

post here

Pic of the week

More brilliance from @LettersOfNote: “I find that your rejection does

not meet my needs at this time.”

And finally…

Quora answers, shared by one of the people from Disney Pixar who made Toy Story happen




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