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TWTWTW: Star Wars, Bond, Blade Runner and a bit of viral video too

That Was The Week That Was

More gems from the interweb

Web round-up time. I might see if I can get this sponsored by some train company or other, such is its reliability.

Bit of a film theme has developed this week – so without further ado…

No match for a blaster kid…

I love the science of movies stories, so delighted with this: Blaster shots in Star Wars finally subjected to detailed frame-by-frame analysis by a physics professor

Voice Actor All-Stars Read The “Star Wars” Trilogy

And a bit of Bond…

In the week the new trailer for Skyfall was released (it looks very good btw) news that Bond’s creator is set for the silver screen

Blade Runner…

New details of Blade Runner sequel


Noooo. There can be only one. *I don’t count the sequels obviously: Ryan Reynolds wanted for Highlander

Also in film…

Zach Galifianakis could face A Confederacy Of Dunces

Viral video gets film poster treatment

Love the VW Vader ad poster  Retina Burn created some posters based on viral videos. Take a look here

Tech news

Interesting item on TV Tech in the New Scientist

Also in New Scientist a great application of gesture control tech using Kinect – in surgery

Clive James podcast

BBC launches a new podcast featuring all 60 episodes of Clive James’ essays for A Point of View.

And finally

Stat of the week from Twitter:  SpaceX’s entire history, incl. rocket design, testing, and launch operations, has cost less than Facebook paid for Instagram.



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