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TWTWTW: The monthly round-up edition

So having briefly resurrected my weekly schedule, the ill-fortuned feature has relapserd back to as and when. So here’s some stuff I’ve enjoyed recently.

Star Wars goes cultural

Star Wars  figures used to re-enact some of the world’s most famous photographs

A car with a 4 L-eater engine

Hyundai’s imagines the saloon car for the forthcoming zombie apocalypse

68 Olympics and design

Great talk by Finola Gaynor on Lance Wyman and the 68 Olympics

Cyber saviour

Nice piece in wired on how cyberpunk saved sci-fi

Tech news

A Great Maker Business Story

From FastCoDesign an exhibition on the brilliance of Bucky Fuller if you like that you should also check this out

Via @Illizian Awesome TED Video on Arduino and how it is open-sourcing imaginiation

Brilliant series of ‪Turing audios from the Open University

Meeja news

This is great news  – check out which DestinationLocal projects announced! Find out which 10 were successful & watch their video pitches

This is interesting. BBC appoints first visual journalism editor

TV & Film

David Warner & Dougray Scott confirmed for the new season of Doctor Who

Flash Gordon Star, is Now A Bodyguard In Mexico

Local film-making group It’s a Trap demonstrate how to build your own mechanical arm



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