I’m an ex-journalist, a developer of interactive of digital services on TV and now involved in online video and digital stuff. I’m also a technology student, with an interest in open source hardware, engineering and other random bits and bobs.

This blog is a compilation or mish-mash of (vaguely) interesting stuff . Hopefully.

That’s the plan anyway.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. I am opposed to ‘curation’ because it is the very reverse of what the web is – an open platform. When the only sources of information were The BBC or The Guardian (ie, broadcast and paper) curation was necessary because there was a physical limit as to what could be published. (bandwidth and pages). With the web that limitation is gone, so why impose it for no reason? Were there ‘curation’ on the web, for example, I never would have found your blog. No tweets. Not published in The Guardian. See my point? I am all for open platform. Free presses are messy. They are supposed to be. The messier the better.

    Posted by Michael Rosenblum | May 23, 2011, 11:38 am
  2. Thanks for the comment much appreciated.
    I take your point that the web is an open platform and that with the web there is no limitation on what could be published. Afterall without the web I couldn’t, as you say, write a blog, respond to conversations via twitter.
    It is a creative platform, but I don’t think curation is a threat to that. I would agree if curation was advocated at the expense of everything else. That certainly wasn’t the point I was trying to make. My point was that there is room for both curated and creative content. I think experiments like What’s Trending and more so Al Jazeera’s The Stream should be applauded. Mainstream TV tends to be behind the curve, too conservative, so experiments by broadcast networks – even if an online one – are to be welcomed.

    Posted by Doobiewotsit | May 24, 2011, 8:38 am

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