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TWTWTW: At the current rate of production – I should really rename this feature

Yes, yes. I have been tardy, nay a little slapdash in the updating of this blog of late, and especially of this feature. You don’t want to hear excuses, but as I’m writing this, I’m going to give them to you anyway. It’s been a hellish busy start to the year. A couple of new … Continue reading

TWTWTW: No Hedy Lamarr, no King Kong

It’s that time of the week again. Life (and AI Class) has got in the way of regular posting, but at least I’m managing to do my week on the web.  So, without further ado – here’s some of the stuff I liked this week. Tree-mendous Apologies for the pun, but here’s a nice piece … Continue reading

TWTWTW: Number 6

Another troll though the week’s interweb offerings and sadly another horrible story with which to start. RIP Gary Speed. Football is a tribal thing. You support your team through everything, it’s us against the world and the players who are privileged enough to pull on the jersey represent that. Usually, the tribal nature of football … Continue reading

TWTWTW: Join the mile high tub…

Another week, another gallop through the interweb. In a bid to do my bit for cutting waste, i’ve made efficiency savings to my usual intro, so straight on… Wired’s tribute to Jobs This week sadly saw the passing of Steve Jobs, Apple’s ubergeek – the staff at Mint Digital came up with a rather nice … Continue reading

Coat Hanger King-Kong and Hawking exoskeleton at V&A

I found myself with an hour to kill in London this week and so thought I’d head to the museum district in South Kensington. I’m glad I did. The museum is hosting an exhibition called the Power of Making. It aims to explore the impact that making and crafts has on our lives, from an … Continue reading

TWTWTW: Dad, when did we go on holiday to Endor?

On a personal level this week has been dominated by sport:  Norwich City gained their first home win, and frightened (at least a little bit) the mighty Manchester United; The baseball play-offs started, England managed to scrape through to the quarter-finals of the Rugby World Cup and I’m currently listening to the NFL on the … Continue reading

TWTWTW: Lycan this Werewolf poster a lot…

Julie Andrews may have sung about whiskers on kittens and something to with fingerless knitwear, well my version of A Few of my Favourite things would include werewolves, the thing, AT-AT pancakes and – well just read on, it’ll take your mind off the horrifying Troy Davis story and continuing financial meltdown. Lycan this a … Continue reading

TWTWTW: NASA drops a clanger

Well, it’s that time of the week again.OK The exciting highlight of the week for me was the Open Hardware Summit, but i’m still wading through the presentations. I’ll be posting some thoughts on the event of the next few weeks (yes, I know it’s not exactly timely, but I won’t bore you with my … Continue reading

FTD: The Brompt-One and Only

Continuing my top five gadgets – inspired by  Stephen Fry’s list of his personal 100 Greatest  Gadgets. My number one is number 21 for the QI host and is just the folding bike, to me it is the Brompton. More specifically it is my Brompton. If it is possible to have an emotional attachment to … Continue reading

TWTWTW: One Goes Squeee or the return of the Comic Strip

So as time’s winged chariot drags another August week into the history books, it’s time to find another fresh way of introducing this feature. Hopefully that’s job done. So a week of Libyan’s playing a more serious version of Where’s Wally, more general economic doom and gloom was generally drowned out by an uber-geek stepping … Continue reading