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We could be heroes

During my three-month sojourn away from writing anything meaningful, the subject of the Hero has become a recurring theme. Recently I gave a (very brief) talk with this as its subject. The idea of the talk was that we need heroes to inspire youngsters about the benefits of working in and with technology. We need to … Continue reading

Brains Eden – a quick walk through a gaming symposium

Yesterday I attended the Brains Symposium (see left)  – part of the Brains Eden Gaming Festival in Cambridge. Billed as bringing together the industry’s best brains, the event was designed to highlight the contribution the gaming makes to the UK creative sector. As someone who regularly bangs on about the importance of technology and creativity, … Continue reading

Only BUG-gin

I’ve been a fan of Adam Buxton, since he and Joe Cornish first ventured onto the screens of Channel 4 in the 1990s. They were inventive and funny and used to make the sort of silly films that I and a bunch of mates used to make with our VHS camcorder. A camera so big, … Continue reading

TWTWTW: Journo movies and Kickstarter awesomeness

So the yet again delayed weekly web round-up. I like to think of it as more a pleasant surprise when it finally shows up… Allons-y as a police call box-based time traveller might once have said… Journo blockbusters Great piece on  why reporters love movies about journalism. This piece is very good, I’ve seen almost … Continue reading

Why? Simple question, but I’m still waiting for the answer

Newsnight’s arch-inquisitor Jeremy Paxman, established a reputation for fearless, journalistic integrity by simply asking a question. Granted he asked that question 12 times, putting then Home Secretary Michael Howard under the kind of grilling normally only reserved for Welsh rarebit. It is an interview that went down in history (at least in journalistic circles) But … Continue reading

Science and Technology of Avengers Assemble

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest Share on Google Share on Linkedin Share by email Realmenreadcomics Wed, May 09 2012 07:16:24 0 likes  ·  0 comments So a quick collection of articles which look at the science and tech in the year’s biggest blockbuster (so far). First up – a piece on context. … Continue reading

Building the Future

The very entertaining Tim Minshall gives an overview of the importance of engineers in this TEDxGranta talk. Using just ten words, he explains what engineers do and just why we need to challenge societal perceptions of what they do and encourage more kids to get involved. It’s 18 minutes long, but it’s 18 minutes well … Continue reading

The Joy of Text: Teletext and Ceefax say goodbye

In the summer of 2000 I joined Teletext, the television based news and information service. It was a time of expansion, and a time when 18 million people a week were viewing our content. Sadly the 1970s tech is coming to the end of the road as today analogue Ceefax follows Teletext into the interactive … Continue reading

A Fab Lab for Norwich

Regular readers of this blog will know that I am interested in the Open Hardware Community, the maker movement, and all things creatively digital. I’ve regularly used this blog to write about these interests and to detail why I think they’re important. I’ve also written about the need to encourage collaboration (most recently here) and … Continue reading

OHS needs you

The folk at the Open Hardware Summit have started a survey to better understand the open hardware community. It only takes a few minutes to fill in so go here to fill in the survey It’s asking for views on how OH is used and there’s a chance to add further comments and suggestions too.