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TWTWTW: Web round-up

Running out of excuses as to why it takes me so long to get this post written, so rather than bore you with it, here’s my round-up of what’s been interesting me on the web recently. Reasons to be cheerful Nothing annoys me quite as regularly as gender stereotyping kids toys – the art of pigeon-holing children … Continue reading

TWTWTW: All work and no play, makes for a short TW3

This week work and AI Class have formed a significant dent in my web surfing ways, so this week’s round-up of the interwebs is a little shorter than normal. So without further dithering, let’s get going. Lucky number seven Baseball served up an absolute belter of a World Series, seven games, six of which served … Continue reading

TWTWTW: Dad, when did we go on holiday to Endor?

On a personal level this week has been dominated by sport:  Norwich City gained their first home win, and frightened (at least a little bit) the mighty Manchester United; The baseball play-offs started, England managed to scrape through to the quarter-finals of the Rugby World Cup and I’m currently listening to the NFL on the … Continue reading

TWTWTW: I never had the codin’ for the gamin’…

It’s a late one this week. In my defence I was on holiday in Cornwall and internet access wasn’t great. But I still came across a few interesting web snippets. So without further ado – here’s this week’s Cornish Cream of the interweb. Mario Bros maker style To paraphrase Pete and Dud’s very famous Latin … Continue reading

TWTWTW: The Revolution will not be televised – but you can print it out…

A quick one this week, no time for niceties, so once more unto the internet breach dear friends, once more… First up, some sport. Oh Micky, you’re so fine… In 1988, I was standing on the terraces of Old Trafford watching Norwich City. I saw them do this.  The reason it’s in a weekly web … Continue reading

Sports coverage that steps up to the plate

Occasional readers of this blog may have noticed that I am a fan of baseball. I’ve been meaning to write about baseball for a while, but not from a sporting perspective, but from a technological one. For all the sport’s resistance about using technology to help make on field decisions, off-field it’s a different story. … Continue reading

TWTWTW: Meet the real life ink Jet

So another seven days have whizzed by and its time for another round-up of my week on the web.This week baseball Pi, printed planes and another farewell to the shuttle. Real-life ink-Jet Southampton University boffins have created the first ever printed plane, some way to go before Boeing head down that route though… Rt Hon. … Continue reading

TWTWTW: Brando, flying cars and robot footy

For those interested in the business of media, there was probably only one story in town this week – the News of the World. From the emergence of increasingly disturbing and heinous phone hacking allegations to its eventual closure, it was quite a week. Well this week’s internet roundup also includes Britain’s best-selling red-top, but … Continue reading

TWTWTW: Google, robots and ridiculous science

Another round up of what caught by eye on the web. This week’s snippets include the new trailer for Moneyball, some thoughts on the future of news and how mainstream TV bosses are starting to fret about the whole web thing. But going to start with the Google Doodle… Plucking hell, what a stat… Last … Continue reading

Darth Vader: Sports Administrator

Watching yet another howler made by a sports official I was struck by a strange thought. Wouldn’t Darth Vader have made a great sports administrator? No really. Let’s look at the skill set. Ability to get things done? Check.  The Dark Lord of the Sith possesses an undoubted ruthless efficiency (just ask Captain Needa and … Continue reading